Down Syndrome is the most common genetic condition and affects one out of every 691 babies in America. Individuals with Down Syndrome have varying degrees of cognitive delay. While the majority of individuals with Down Syndrome are in the “mild to moderate” category, there are some individuals with “moderate to severe” cognitive delay.

In the early 1900’s the life expectancy of a child with Down Syndrome was around nine years of age, however, with recent advancement in clinical treatments, as many as 80% of affected individuals are able to reach the age of 60.

We understand the varying levels of this condition and are here to help your loved one feel comfortable, confident, and most of all, happy.

How We Can Help

At Club Horizons, each of our staff members is trained and specialized in disorders like Down Syndrome. They understand the care that is needed for these individuals and are happy to help them learn and grow. We also have a nursing staff that can address any clinical or health needs as necessary.


We know that one symptom of the condition is decreased muscle activity or strength, so we use multiple exercises and activities in our Down Syndrome care that help develop motor skills as well as fun activities that help strengthen muscles.


We recognize that individuals with Down Syndrome need repetition and order in their lives. Many call this tendency “the groove” because an individual tends to follow well-worn paths or grooves. At Club Horizons, we not only encourage the groove, but we take advantage of it by adding order and timing to an individual’s daily routine. The benefit of this repetition is an increase in independence along with a feeling of comfort.


We also believe that it is critical for each participant with Down Syndrome to be socially involved, so our staff members help them develop friendships with both disabled and non-disabled individuals. Socialism both at our location and outside our location helps increase self-esteem, well-being, and happiness, which is why our members also participate in trips like: bowling, trips to the movie theater, the Charleston Aquarium, going out for lunch, Lowcountry tourist locations, and more.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is paramount, which is why another part of our Down Syndrome care is a healthy diet. We assist each individual with an appropriate daily diet (consisting of snacks and lunches) as well as regular exercise.


At Club Horizons, we’re all about love. From our staff members to our Down Syndrome individuals, we’ve created a community that is caring, accepting, loving, and warm. We pay close attention to our members and offer one-on-one care when it’s needed, but mostly, we love to have fun and enjoy life.