Behind arthritis and heart disease, hearing loss is the third most common physical condition, and it affects approximately 20% of Americans. Of that population, about 2-3 of every 1,000 children are born with hearing loss or are deaf. With hearing loss, there are four degrees of loss: mild, moderate, severe and profound. When it comes to children, early detection is crucial; the earlier hearing loss is detected in babies, the better the outcome for language and speech development.

Since hearing loss is an invisible condition, some of the effects are mistaken as aloofness, confusion, or personality changes, making it hard for parents to understand exactly what their children are suffering from. When it comes to hearing loss in adults, it can affect them differently and influence their ability to learn, hold a job, play sports, and other activities.

How We Can Help

At Club Horizons, our staff members are trained and experienced in a variety of disorders and physical conditions, including hearing impairment. We make sure each and every individual is cared for on his or her own level of special needs and we’re here to help make our members feel happy and comfortable.


Because socialization may be difficult for those with hearing problems, we encourage our individuals to make new friends and participate in the many activities we offer in our program. Our hearing-impaired care specialists are always nearby to assist, making our members feel relaxed and confident while promoting their individuality.


At Club Horizons, we are all about love. From our staff members to our hearing-impaired individuals, we’ve created a community that is caring, accepting, loving, and warm. We pay close attention to our members and offer one-on-one care when it’s needed, but mostly, we love to have fun and enjoy life.